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Hi, I’m Rebecca. Obsessive List-maker. Project-o-holic. Wordsmith. Colorsmith. Verbal Learner. Visual Thinker. Hand Talker. Potential Spotter. Method Innovator. Gap Filler. Complexity Explainer. Simplicity Seeker. Yoga Practitioner. I have attorney credentials. I graduated from Princeton University and Boston University School of Law and, over the last decade, have served at two United States Courts of Appeals and in private practice at two major firms. But I’ve never been simply an attorney. I paint. I write. I sing. I teach yoga. Talk to anyone who’s equally right- and left-brain dexterous, and you’ll learn that it is the bane of our existence. Nothing short of integration will satisfy us. Counsel to Creativity LLC is the result of my struggle for integration and passionate, meaningful work. I built Counsel to Creativity LLC to put my strategic and creative mind to work for the right-brained entrepreneurs doing the creative work for which I so deeply care. I believe that creative, right-brained entrepreneurs, armed with a solid business foundation and strategy, can grow thriving businesses around their creativity. And that they have been underserved—and perhaps even disregarded—by lawyers in this regard. That’s where I come in. I specialize in creativity-law-creativity translation. I counsel right-brained entrepreneurs on how to harness and leverage their creative genius to grow their businesses. To get there, I’m literally changing the way law is done by playing with language and drawing out concepts. As an artist, I’m working on a series about my journey to integrate my creativity and my law degree and a series on the twelve female archetypes. I also teach yoga at a women’s prison here in Atlanta and sing kirtan (yogic chant) at my yoga ashram. I am honored that Havi Brooks of The Fluent Self has called me “the attorney you’ve been dreaming of your entire life.”

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Friday, February 25